Manicure $25
Shellac manicure $30
French manicure from $35
Pedicure $45
Manicure and Pedicure $60
Paraffin treatment from $10
Polish change from $10
Eyebrow from $18
Eyebrow shaping & tint from $29
Ear from $12
Upper lip from $10
Full face from $32
Eyelash tint from $18
Eyebrow tint from $14
Back from $35
Chest from $30
Full arm from $25
Half arm from $22
Abdomen (Women) from $18
Abdomen (Men) from $25
Bikini from $40
Full leg from $60
Half leg from $35
Eyelash Extensions
Full set $125
Fill $75
Lash removal $35
Using noting but medical-grade glue and high quality products, Faux Mink lashes are individually placed on your natural lashes, providing more length and volume. A thorough consultation is done to choose which style, length and thickness is wanted.
A new full set takes approximately 2 hours to ensure all individual lashes are done. As they fall of with the natural shedding of your lashes, a fill is usually done 4-6 weeks after they have been applied. In order for a fill, the client must have at least 45-50% of the lash extensions still intact.
Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal prices per session
Full Face $150
Half Face $125
Ears $50
Cheeks $70
Sideburns $100
Upper lip & Chin $90
Upper lip $50
Chin $60
Full Neck (front & back) $140
Half Neck (front or back) $140
Shoulders $140
Underarms $75
Chest & Abdomen $310
Chest $190
Abdomen from $130
Linea $50
Half Back $320
Full Back $295
Full Arm $210
Forearm $110
Hands (including fingers) $60
Bikini from $110
Bikini extended from $135
Brazilian $175
Buttocks $130
Full Legs $320
Inner Thigh $110
Upper Leg $170
Lower Leg $150
Feet (including toes) $60
Toes $50
Laser hair removal prices per session
Laser Hair Removal FAQs
Which device do you use? MediostarNext The finest German engineered high power diode laser technology.
Is consultation free? Yes! All clients receive a complimentary consultation, patch test, discuss pricing and number of treatments required.
Is the treatment painful? No the MedioStar's unique "Smoothpulse Mode", combine with built-skin cooling provides maximum comfort and a pain-free experience. Topical anaesthetic is not required.
How long is a treatment? Treatment times vary depending on the size of the area. On average, a treatment will take between 2-60 mins to complete.
How many treatments are required? Significant results can be seen after just 1 treatment. Typically, 4-12 treatments are required for permanent hair removal. Note: Red, grey & white hairs cannot be effectively treated with any laser.
When will I see results? Results are commonly seen at the completion of each treatment cycle, with less hair growing back after each successive treatment.
15 minutes $28
20 minutes $34
30 minutes $42
45 minutes $48
Electrolysis is the only method for Permanent Hair Removal. It is used to remove individuals hairs from the face or body, including white, grey, blonde and fine hairs which laser is unable to treat. A fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle, destroying the growth center of the Hair unsung and electrical charge. Once the current is applied the hair is then gently removed with tweezers.
Prices may vary if more or less work and time are required.